Northants Salvage Ltd Auto Services. How to scrap my car.

Northants Salvage Ltd Auto Services

We have years experience of successfully dismantling and recycling .If your vehicle no longer runs, has been written off, is missing parts or the body is just rusted out, it might be time to scrap it. Consider selling the vehicle here at your local scrap yard in Northamptonshire.

We’ll handle all the details for you, arranging a quick pick up and paying cash that day.

What we require from you.


We will require the V5 document for the vehicle thats no longer required .

If you do not have the V5 registration document or any part of it, We can still buy and collect your car. As long as you can prove you are the legal owner of the vehicle such as documentation insurance, tax letter.


However, if the V5 is lost or missing.

DVLA will only accept a letter from the registered keeper to remove it from their database. So, all you need to do is write to DVLA advising the date the vehicle is scrapped the registration number(s) . They will respond with an acknowledgement letter in approximately a couple of weeks.

Northants Salvage Ltd Auto Services 


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